The Ballad of Bodhidharma
(John Grimes)

Bodhidharma went to China
Just to see what he could see.
When he got there all he said is:
"What will be is what will be.
But delusion mars your vision
Of what is and what has been,
So just sit right down and turn around
And start to practice zen."

"Once you're seated and you're settled
Then you focus on your breath.
In good time it will be obvious
That twixt now and certain death
There's no you, no I, no me, no thee,
He, she, her, it or him.
There's just us, right here, and us, right now.
There is no they or them."

"All appearance is delusion
There is nothing there at all.
But do not activate your mind
When that nothing comes to call.
In the mind, no coughing, sighing
When you hate or when you crave.
There's no gain or loss – don't laugh or cry –
Come join me in my cave!"

Bodhidharma barks and snaps and snarls
And bristles in your face,
Yet he'd love a kiss and cuddle
Any time, most any place.
He's a puzzle, is our Bodhi,
As we struggle to perceive
That the only dharm' of karma is
We get what we receive.

(This can also be sung to the tune of the final rondo of The Elixir of Love by Donizetti)

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