The Fall
(Vickie Schubert)

First heavy frost,
early in the frigid morning,
silence is punctuated,
by sounds on roof and screen.
Dawn has arrived and
the kiss of the sun
has nudged the pecan leaves,
persuaded them to free themselves
from the trees’ control.
Against the cerulean backdrop they fall.
Some drift and gently twirl,
others plunge in kamikaze dives,
yet others drop in clusters,
exquisite ballet troupes in group step
as they spiral to the ground.
One by one,
each leaf letting go and
descending gracefully
in its unique way,
accepting its destiny
at the perfect time.
Melting frost dusts
the lawn with cool wetness onto which
this waterfall of leaves spills,
creating a delicate mosaic
of citron, gold, and green,
a tribute to the magnificence of impermanence.


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