Not Enough
(Rick Wadsworth)

When I left you (there in the hospice bed) I knew it would be the last time I’d see you.
The next time I’d see you, you would be dead, not there, a corpse.
And I knew this.
It was not, I may never see you again
(well Rick you may never see him again)
No it was not that.
It was certain
I was certain I’d never see you again.

So I threw my face onto yours
My arms over you withering
Trying for molecular fusion
Squeezed hard
And pled
I love you Dad,
I’ve always loved you ,
You were a good father,
I knew you loved me.

And no matter how hard I squeezed
No matter how long I squeezed
No matter how often I said these words…


Maybe to stay would have been enough.
Maybe to stay until the last moment of our life
Would have been enough?
Enough for what?

So no , no, no
Nothing, no time, no words, no touch, no smell, no taste, no sight, no thoughts, no words
NOTHING will ever BE Enough.


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