Our life is like a candle flame...

Good morning!
The morning star is high in the sky clean and cool.

Before I came here I read emails and found one from
Brittany informing me of her grandmother passing away.

Our life is like a shooting star, suddenly appearing and
disappearing. Once appearing anything must disappear
like a tree sprouting and decaying. When compared with
a tree which can live hundreds or thousands years, our
life is brief and brittle. Compared with a star, our life is
like that of a firefly, small and dim.

Our life is like a candle flame, bright or dark, long or
short, blown off by wind or burning itself and others…
Our karma makes birth and death, great or small,
brilliant or dismal…

We want to make our birth and death in truth, peace,
harmony and holiness. That’s why we practice in limitless
life, light, liberation and love.



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