Stepping into Now
(Krishna Bhattacharyya)

Naked foot on flat, smooth misshapen rock
That is, rock with thin green moss-layer
One slowly, carefully down, then another

That’s cool

Heel mashes onto miniscule caviar-like orbs, green
Carefully, quietly, moving undetected
Soon there are hundreds of rocks, pebbles
Foot comes down toes first, then arch, then body, lastly, heel
Onto smooth, rough, sharp, varied textures
Reflexology at its natural best
Poking here, prodding or pushing there, sometimes giving way
Semi-soft leaves

A slight relief

Brown flakes compact ‘neath the weight
Gravity the helper
Places wet, others, dry

Here, a sun-drenched spot
Nothing wrong with brown warmth

Somewhat comforting
Here a shadow, there a shadow
Today I prefer the sun
There, the bell is rung
Another sitting has begun

k.b. 3/31/07 Mindfulness Day Retreat-UU

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