(Liana Dawson)

I know the parable and its significance so it is hard not to consider the meaning of the raft and the journey and the wisdom to leave the raft behind when it is time. But as I was contemplating the stream, the raft and the journey, a childhood event came to mind:

As a very young girl, I was supposed to collect dragonflies for school. I caught a beautiful very large dragonfly. He was so colorful and so majestic and I put him in a jar with some sticks and leaves. I then saw a bright beautiful baby dragonfly and I caught him, too. He was precious, bright and beautiful and I put him in the jar with the other dragonfly, proud of my catches. To my great horror and grief, the large dragonfly proceeded to devour the smaller dragonfly and then the large dragonfly “choked” and died.

Moral: Don’t carry a dragonfly on your back. Ha Ha. Nope, that’s not quite it ...

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