(Mike McCarthy)

I’ve played with the photo by adding what was at first white script, blocked each line of script (including the background) in rectangular selections, and then inverted the selected rectangles creating black script on a negative background. The next step was to select a larger rectangle encapsulating all of the script and background and inverting it… returning the first selection of rectangles back to positive (white letters), and the newly selected greater background to negative.

Notice the misplaced pieces of the puzzle’s border next to Kennedy’s image? They are supposed to fit on the opposite side where indeed there are similarly mismatched pieces. I have found that the more complex the puzzle, the greater the possibility the die has repeated itself. Though the continuity of the image may not be the same, the shape and fit of an individual piece or pieces suggests a different but equal and perhaps even greater validity. I keep this framed puzzle in my office to remind me of that small still voice that is resolved to alter our cookie cutter image of reality.

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