My Father
(Lina Lee)

Bright moon floating alone,
Autumn wind whirls in chrysanths from home, half the world away.
Papa yawns from his afternoon nap in his old chair,
Throws his jasmine tea party with only his TV.                       
I was 5,
Papa bicycled me to local traveling shows.
I was 10,
Papa scootered me to school on rainy days.
I was 17,
Papa carried my luggage to the train station and sent me off to college.
I was 21,
Papa saw me off on the plane to America.

Papa was young and fast, he ran like a racing greyhound.
Papa was steadfast as a tall standing mountain, echoed colorful tunes
We were chanting in life.

Now, he wobbles, he stumbles, he stammers,            
He keeps his eyes half closed while his TV friends keep on chatting.           

Birth, Aging, Sickness, Death.
Life cycle remains constant.           
My one wish for papa, is a long life
And a share in this moonlight loveliness, half the world away!

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