Snowed In

In my life I have several times
had the privilege to be snowed in.

To rise in the grey morning light
and look out the window to see
branches bent and coated with a
soft white covering of delicate
snow that tells you “be still!”.

I see the old green truck with a
white cake on its hood, its eyes
closed in deep slumber.

Stepping out to get more kindling for
the fire I hear, no, I feel the Intense
hush of the deep white blanket around
the cabin. Nothing is moving. It is a holy

Mother Nature has gently commanded
that I cease my human thrashings for a
day and surrender. She has said “Be still!
Contemplate. You have wood, you have
water, you have life. It Is enough for now.

You are snowed in.”

—Robert Porter

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