How do you let things take the time they actually need?

Prompt:  “How do....mmmm..... how do you let things take the time they actually need?”
—Ann Hamilton,  Distinguished Professor of Art at Ohio State University,  and maker of large installations that explore voice and skin, textiles and movement.

One Morning, We Awake

One early morning while driving hurriedly to a meeting some miles away, I discovered that special place in twilight where time seems to stand still.  That place between complete darkness and sunrise where the world still sleeps and dreams sometimes come true.

Dreams like tiny lights upon the horizon blink and twinkle and shine, and for the briefest moment, we can reach out and touch them before they wink and disappear.  I don't know whose dreams they are, but from a distance they are appealing.  Like a beacon, they are a point of hope, a promise of a brighter day to come.

You can't rush into this special place, although we all try.  You can only reach it by slowing down and by letting go of perceptions.  We have to experience the moment; just this one special moment... that moment of awareness when we truly know that we are alive... and that this is real.

—Paul Causey

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