the Japanese art
of golden repair

“If the ice cracks
And no one is there
to hear it,
does it make
a sound?”

If a friend is having
a birthday
and you are sheltered
in at home
and the world is chaotic
and you can’t celebrate,
is it really a birthday?

If your husband
drops the coffee pot
into the sink to clean it
and breaks your
last little juice cup
of your favorite set,
then fusses at you
for leaving it
where it does not belong
after a million demands
not to do so,

If the gold glitter
glue you bought
months ago
and left sitting on
the kitchen counter
among vitamin bottles
seems to suddenly
call out with possibilities
and obviously there
is no coincidence
because a few
years ago
you read about Kintsugi
and thought you might try it
and that’s why the glue
was there in the first place

for accomplishing
the art of embracing flaws
and imperfections and
making everything
more beautiful

and really that
is what everyone
needs the most of right now—
more and more beauty

---the golden repair of
the essence of resilience,
something we all
can use as we age,
believe me I know——

So here, your own Kintsugi,
my personal expression
of gratitude
for you, my friend,
on this, your day--

Wabi Sabi,
the beauty of
the imperfect
made perfect
especially for you!

Happy Birthday!

Judy B. Myers

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