Siempre Adelantar

                            I dance along the edge
                      becoming increasingly aware
                      of how close I am to falling.
                   It is not knowing what I will find
                      when I fall that terrifies me.

                          Each move in this dance
                    makes my journey more dangerous.
                    I may lose what little control I have.
                          But still I continue to dance.

                           Who will pick up the pieces?
                      Will there be any pieces to pick up?
                           Who will I have become
                      when I am put back together?

                              I have at various times,
                                      in my life,
                              avoided pressing questions.
                                   limited my choices
                         lest the next step would change me,
                         would necessitate a change  in my life
                                 that I did not want to face.

                                      If the tears start,
                                  when will they end?
                                      Will they end?

—Laura A. Smith

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