There was a time when people did what their fathers did.
Or mothers depending upon their gender.

There was a time when people did so many things,
Things to just survive.
Their skills were many, 
their tasks even more. 
hunt, gather, cook, build, tend.
A person did it all or simply died.

What was it like 
to know that what you did at any given time 
was critical to your survival?
To your family’s?
What was it like to have to do something that truly mattered?

Today, in this age of specialization, is it any different?
Has anything changed in the last 2000 years?
4000 years?

We still “want” to survive.
But today, I think we want more.
We want to learn, to understand, to “live”,
To make things better for ourselves, for our families, for each other.

The change, I think is that now, we “want” to make a difference.
What we do matters.

—Paul Causey

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