S. Swan reading “Delight”
Every time, I say, I am happy, 
I feel embarrassed, 
as if I didn’t have the right  
to enjoy my own life. 

I live in a furnace, 
I know that. 
How could I forget the pain 
I live in? 

But that’s just it! 
I have lost so so much 
that I appreciate  
so so much more 
what I still have. 

To be able to see 
the blue sky  
with a cloud, 
being caressed by sunlight, 
brings joy to my soul. 

Being able to cuddle up 
with my purring kitty cats. 

Being able to laugh 
in a conversation with a friend. 

Being able to move, 
walk and talk, 
read, write,  
and most of all,  

The point is, 
I say to myself, 
“You can’t feel happy  
when you’re feeling so much pain. 
You’re supposed to feel utterly depressed. 
You are in so much pain, 
you should be screaming!” 

But that’s just it. 
I am surrounded and tortured by flames. I am suffering so much already, 
that it would be a pity 
to not be able to take delight  
in the beauty of life. 

—S. Swan
S. Swan discussing ”Delight”


Emma Jane said...

Beautiful and touching poem, beautifully read. Thank you!

Sarah Webb said...

Its beauty is its simple truth. And it was clear you had won through to that truth through a hard battle, so you had the authority to say it. With great respect--both for the poem and the reality behind it--SW