Word Wreck

You sat next to me, in the car, describing
loudly, about how outrageous the 
posting is, accusing you of being careless
by traveling during these pandemic times.

I asked how long has this person 
known you, and you responded 
“I only met her once.” I suggested
you could just ignore her, or consider
that perhaps she doesn’t know another
way to say she cares about you.

My words agitate you further and
yelling, you say there is no reason to 
continue to talking to me, I can stop 
and let you out of the car. 

This is the first time you have spoken
to me like this ~ how did we get to this
intersection ~ wrecking any opportunity
for dialogue, conversation?

The silence that settles between us
feels like a balm, yet too weak to 

ease my feelings. I breathe into myself,
I breathe into you. 

I let the words of silence to say
what there is no room to say, 
no way to say, to speak into your pain, 
and mine.

—Martha Ward

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