The Light

Hope, is in the dark corner, behind
the doctor’s head, who has just told
you that your cancer is inoperable. 

Let your eyes, your thoughts hold onto 
that infinity point where all that is possible
is awaiting the birth of its potential to
make a difference, for you. 

It is the gift that gives us life and death
- each being its own gift, when you look 
at it in a certain light, right? Light 
perceived as an infinite wave length in 
which our particles have our time, our song, 
our dance.

What will you wear to your last dance on
earth? What poem or what song will be on 
your lips when you cease to breathe? Where
do you want dance through infinity?

You say you don’t want to be free, you want
to stay and see, another dawn, high noon,
sunset. Do, please do, and know, too, that
in each of these you are the Light.

—Martha Ward

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